How much human cremation costs would depend on factors such as region, type of cremation service, the cost of casket or body container, the cost of the urn, and the method of ash disposal or storage. In short, there is no actual set cost of a cremation due to these factors.

cost of cremation
You may need a calculator to determine the cost of cremation

That said, cremation is cheaper than a traditional burial, with the prices starting at between $600 to $700. However, some people can choose to spend several thousand dollars on the cremation itself and the accompanying funeral services.


The cheapest way of cremation is possible due to its simplicity. A direct cremation can be around $1,100 only, according to the Cremation Research Council.

In this process, there is no viewing of the body anymore, as well as embalming or placing the body in a casket. All it entails is putting the body in an appropriate container and send it to be cremated shortly after the time of death.

A memorial service gets held, after the cremation process gets performed. The service can be done with or without the ashes. Families can opt to have a elaborate funeral arrangement if they wish to see the body for the last time or if a lot of people would want to pay their respects.

Those who want to keep the cost of cremation low can rent a casket instead of purchasing one. Usually, the cost of cremation includes the service fee of the funeral home, fee for picking up the body, and storage fee for the refrigeration of the body before the cremation.

Some crematories allow for a witnessing service for an additional charge. Here, family and friends can watch the cremation. They can also opt to initiate the cremation itself by pressing the button that starts the equipment.

If the funeral home does not have its crematorium, you have to shoulder the cost of transferring the body from there to the crematorium itself. There will also be additional costs such as coroner’s certificate etc.

Thoroughly preparing for the funeral and cremation can be awkward but this will give you control over the costs, as well as give you peace of mind in the end.

Disposing of the remains

There are several options for how to finally lay to rest the cremated remains. The ashes can be scattered from the air or on land. They can also be buried in a small plot or have the ashes float in water. There are biodegradable urns available for the last two options.

Scattering the ashes can incur related costs. Spreading the ash by air involves paying for a private plane. Doing it at sea will mean renting a yacht or boat. There are service providers that one can hire for these. They also provide a certificate showing the time and place where the remains are scattered.  If it is allowed in your state or city, you can also just scatter the ashes yourself.   Perhaps  at a public park or a place that the deceased used to love to visit.

What is the average cost of cremation?

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